SEO Link Building Statistics and Facts

SEO Link Building Statistics and Facts

SEO Link Building Statistics and Facts

SEO Link Building Statistics In 2017

Having engaging, well written content helps you earn valuable links back to your website despite the fact that about half of your visitors read the entire post; they skim instead. People are sharing blog posts based on the title, which is why list posts are so popular. If the title promises the top 10 of anything, it is obvious what the article is about so there isn't any need for someone with a short attention span to read the entire post. Individuals feel safe sharing list posts, which is why posts with lists generate 74 percent more backlinks than any other type of content. - Source (Link Building Statistics)

A Google Quality Senior Strategist has said that content and links pointing to your website are the two most important factors that Google looks at when ranking websites. This comes as no surprise since Google wants to show relevant results with informative content. When people link back to your website, Google sees that as proof that your content is worthwhile. In addition, Google looks at intent, so when individuals link back to you as a reputable place to buy widgets, the search engine will rank your website higher when a person uses search terms, such as buy or discount, that signal that they are ready to buy.

While backlinks are essential to rank well in search results, the authority of the website linking to you is important as well. A backlink from the Wall Street Journal is worth far more than a link pointing to your site from your mom's blog that has a readership limited to the immediate family.

When someone decides to link to your site, the link is more valuable if their website and yours are related. If a blogger who writes about natural health links to your online vitamin store, Google views the link as natural. When totally unrelated sites start link back to you, it appears that you are buying backlinks, which will cause your ranking to tank.

Google is moving toward a mobile first index by the end of 2017. If you have a mobile version of your website and a desktop version, its possible that links pointing to the desktop version will not carry over to your mobile website. No one knows how Google will count links in a mobile first index, but making your desktop version responsive is a sure way to save your backlinks.

Link building should be a part of your off-site SEO in 2017; but remember, 10 high-quality links are better than 100 poor quality links. Invest in first-rate content and build relationships in relevant forums and Facebook groups, always adding value to the conversation, and you will earn the links that you need.